Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS

- Our BOATYARD Plans and Projects -

To recognize and honour Mahone Bay's heritage the Heritage Boatyard Co-op plans to build a boatyard on its shores. Celebrate this heritage by building small crafts the traditional way. Using traditional hand tools, learning the skill from the few that still master this trade. Teaching these skills by participating in the building of small recreational sailing and rowing skiffs.

The Heritage Boatyard Co-op will be documenting and building replicas of the old skiffs still remaining in our community. We have collected two skiffs to begin the project:

A Mushamush rowing skiff from the Bruhm family lumber mill in Cornwall. This was their family rowing skiff in the 1950-60s. It has seen the end of its rowing days but the lines and components are intact and the skiff is in the process of being replicated.

A Halibut Skiff, built in 1908, has also come our way. This skiff is also known as a St. Margaret’s Bay Skiff.

Both of these boats are beautiful, and it is the intent of the Heritage Boatyard Co-op to build these skiffs for use in a community rowing and sailing club. 

In support of retaining these traditional boatbuilding skills, the Heritage Boatyard Co-op will, in future, host boatbuilding workshops, along with a series of workshops on many aspects of the trade including hand tool use, tool sharpening, lofting, and taking lines off old boats.