Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS

did not fine image Model Ship Builders Show Mahone Bay (Saturday only)
This year's theme is pond boats. Come view our province's most enthusiastic/talented Model Ship Builders. Ask questions about your project, get started in Model Ship Building. Lifetime Achievement Award at 1pm.

did not fine image Building our boatshed on the Town Wharf
The Heritage Boatyard Co-op's largest project to date.
Our boatbuilding shed should be completed by the fall. Our first boatbuilding project will be a Mush-Mush rowing skiff.

did not fine image Collecting traditional tools for building boats the traditional way
Bring your old tools to the wharf during the Weekend Celebration.
We hope to have enough tools by fall to buld our boats. Free yourself from any old tools in the attic or basement!

did not fine image Mushamush Rowing Skiff 2016-18 Project
Our first boat building project.
Thanks to Get the Scoop Ice Cream for last winter's use of their facilities. This boat came from the Bruhm family and was their family row boat used on Little Mushamush lake in the 1950s and 60s.

did not fine image Halibut Skiff built in 1908
We plan to build a replica of this beautiful boat
once we learn how to build boats the tradtional way.

did not fine image Plycraft Runabout.
One of ten thousdand builtin the 1950s and 60s. Built here in Mahone Bay.
This will become our little runabout.

did not fine image Built at the Nova Scotia Community College by Mike Hall.
Restored by the Heritage Boatyard Co-op and donated to the Mahone Bay Island Conservation Association.
Now for sale

did not fine image Make and Break Engine Display
Organized by The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.
Make and Break Engine Display, lots of knowledgable particpants, Engines on the whaft as well as on boats in the water.

did not fine image Sail Making the Traditional Way (Saturday only)
Organized by The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
Traditional Sail Making at the wharf.

did not fine image Traditional Oar Make over 3 generation. (Saturday only)
Learn the process. Meet the craftsman that still makes the oars and paddles.
Traditional Oar making at the wharf.

did not fine image Row A Classic Boat
This beautiful Lawley Tender has been loaned by a local resident
for your rowing pleasure.Sign up at the Town Wharf.

did not fine image DORY RACING HERE! (Saturday only)
More details on the Saltbox Brewery Website. Teams of two.
All registration fees donated to the Dory Association and to charities.

did not fine image Kids' Treasure Hunt all over town!
Find the treasure and win a prize.
Fun for all ages.

did not fine image Artist Gathering and Marine Art painting on the wharf
Beatiful boats, ocean and setting for marine artist.
Paint, Sell, Show, Socialize.