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Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS

MODEL BOAT SHOW 2014 needs edits

Model Boat Builders of Nova Scotia present their art and skills in Mahone Bay on Saturday, July 12th during the annual Mahone Bay Museum's Founders Days Festival.

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An array of wooden half and full models will reflect the many types of boats familiar in Nova Scotian waters from dories to naval ships.
An attraction to kids of all ages!

2014 Theme: Models of Nova Scotian Fishing Schooner.

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Fishing was one of Nova Scotia's primary industries for centuries. Its roll in employing both fishermen and boatbuilders was our shorelines founding industry. For this reason we are celebrating the Fishing Schooner by presenting its models as this years theme of the Model Boat Show.

In memory of Vern Rhodenizer, we will host a display and sale of Vern’s many hulls.

Water Tank and Remote Control Model Ships.

The South Shore Modellers' Guild water tank was well used this year by our remote control model builders. This has proved to be an great attraction for kids and adult alike.

Need to add a link to the 2014 photos and events here.
Add a thank you to Judy VanRickervorsal, MacLean daughter for her loan of the a family fishing schooner 1/2 that was one of the many 1/2 hulls built by John MacLean for the purpose of make fish schooners.