Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS


Model Boat Builders of Nova Scotia present their art and skills in Mahone Bay on Saturday, July 11th during the annual Mahone Bay Museum's Home and Garden Festival.

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An array of wooden half and full models will reflect the many types of boats familiar in Nova Scotian waters from dories to naval ships.
An attraction to kids of all ages!

2015 Theme: Model Ships used in boatbuilding.

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Models were a major part the designing and documentation of ships built in Nova Scotia. Models were used by our local builders for many purposes.

* Identifying the lines, (or dimensions) of a boat hull
* Relaying construction details to builders
* Describing a boats shape to clients
* Gifts to clients for the purchase of a boat
* Marketing of boats

are just a few reasons why models were used.

Water Tank and Remote Control Model Ships.

The South Shore Modellers' Guild water tank usually full of remote control boats was not set up this year but due to its popularity for both the model buiders and the pubic it will return next year. The water tank and the remote control boats were always a favourate feature for kids of all ages.

Life Time Acknowledgement Award for 2015, presented to Jim Rhodenizer

did not fine image Jim Rhodenizer is one of our provinces finest wooden ship builders. He has devoted his life to building beautif wooden schooners and fishing vessels. In 1967 Jim was one of three shipwrights choosen to build the Atlantica at Expo 67. The Atlantica is a Nova Scotia celebrated Stevens designed schooner. In Jim's retirment he has built many model ships.
Jim Rhodenizer is a true stewart of the craft of wooden shipbuild and one our few remaining wooden shipwrights that remembers to age of sail and has devoted his life to its trade.

Congratulations Jim!

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I also need to add a few photos thumbnails in on the page. One for Jim, one of a ship model, probably a MacLean ship along with a thank you to the Maritime Museum, and all the others that brought models related to the theme. ie Paceship etc.