Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS


did not fine image did not fine image Anne Crawford is donating her little wooden Lawley Tender to the Mahone Bay Island Conservation Association (MICA) for auction at their annual dinner on Friday. October 30th. A group of community volunteers are restoring the boat and our Co-op is managing the work.

To date we have the Mahone Bay Marina loaning us space on the Gover Wharf did not fine image
to work on the boat and Peter Redden lending out his shop on raining days/weeks/months. did not fine image
Our sanding, scrapping volunteers comprise of did not fine image
John Taylor, Darryl Haley, John Bemishimer, Bob Douglas, Gregg Little, Graham Duncan, Steve Hine, Susan Nauss, Peter Redden.

Our mentor/advisor for finish work is Bill Lutwick of Lutwick's Boat Building and Repair, Indian Point, Nova Scotia. Bill has also lent (given) us the seam filler for paint preperation.

This summer we erected a structure at the Mahone Bay Marina and started to restore Ann's Lawley Tender.

There we sanded much of the exterior, removing all the vanish in order to prepare it for painting and varnishing. The top strake and transum will be varnished with Epiphany marine varnish and the skeg and remaining strakes will be primed and painted with Easypoxy marine paint.

When the weather became too wet and cool to work on the wharf the project was moved to Peter Redden's workshop at 788 Main. Here the exterior has been sanded then given two coats of primer and one coat of paninted. The top strake and transom have recieved 5 coats of varnish. The remaining 5 coats of varnish and the last coat of paint will be appied after the interior is completed.

The Lawley Tender is now flipped over and the interior is being sanded, in preperation for 5 fresh layers of vanish.

EVERYONE is welcome to help out in the restoration of this beautiful little boat. Please contact Peter Redden at 902 212-2266 if you would like to volunteer.

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