Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS

our first boatbuilding project.

did not fine image Heritage Boatyard Co-op has as a primary goal:

Design and Build a traditional rowing skiff.

Step one was to carve a half hull of a 16’ rowing skiff, take the lines or dimensions off the half hull and then loft it’s shape based on the half hull dimensions.
Once this was done the local newspaper ran a story on the project.
Chris Bruhm, a local lumber mill owner, called and said he’d read the article. His family had a traditional rowing skiff here on Mush-A-Mush Lake in the 1950’s and 60’s,

“you know, the kind that you would expect to see a gentlemen rowing a lady holding a sun umbrella.”

That was it! A perfect example of a locally designed and built, traditional and beautiful skiff. She was old and tired beyond her years but still had her shape.

With the loan of the skiff from Chris and major funding from Scotiabank
our journey began!

Resurrecting this little skiff is a perfect beginning to celebrate Mahone Bay's heritage and the art of wooden boatbuilding.

Chronicle storyboard below.

Mar 2018 – Now
Awaiting our own little Boatbuilding Shed

Dec 2017 – Mar 2018
Get the Scoop

Summer 2017
Under a woodshed on the wharf

Feb 2017 – Jun 2017
Start building the boat at Lunenburg Seaport

Oct 2016 – Feb 2017
Seaport Renos &
NSCC’s, Heritage Carpentry Course

did not fine image Oct 2016 Picking up the Skiff
Behind the Cornwall Church lay the Bruhm skiff. Now renamed Mush-A-Mush Skiff by the Heritage Boatyard Co-op.
Many thanks to Chris Bruhm for supporting the Co-op's goal of celebrating our boatbuilding heritage by offering us his family's rowing skiff to copy and resurrect.
We took her to Lunenburg.

Jan 2016 – Sep 2016
Carving the Half Hull
Measuring the Half Hull
Lofting the lines