Mahone Bay's Heritage Boat Yard Co-op

Celebrating our heritage, our legacy, our pride. Mahone Bay, NS

our first boatbuilding project.

did not fine image Resurrecting this little locally built and traditional designed rowing skiff is a perfect beginning to celebrate the art of wooden boatbuilding.

Many thanks to Chris Bruhm for supporting the Co-op's goal of celebrating our boatbuilding heritage by offering us his family's rowing skiff to copy and resurrect.
Thanks to Larry Glenwright of Lunenburg Seaport for offering his facility to build this beautiful skiff.
Thanks to Mike Grey, a local master wooden boat builder and marine artist, for taking the lines off the old boat, lofting her and then building the station. A great start to our project.
Thanks to Jay Langford, master wooden boatbuilder, for may years the The Dory Shop's main guy and also a marine artist, for his advice and guidance as we learn the skills and techniques of boatbuilding.
Thanks to Dave Westeguard and Bill Lutwick, two of Nova Scotia's finest wooden boat builders, for their guidance and materials!

As you can tell, it takes a community of support to teach us the skills we need to celebrate our wooden boatbuilding heritage.

As of April 2017 we have the boat set up on its stations at Lunenburg Seaport and are in the process of fitting the garboard plank.

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